Love in the Time of Catastrophe

by Laura Jorgensen

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recorded on a creaky old piano in a creaky old apartment in the city of Zagreb, Croatia


released March 8, 2016




Laura Jorgensen Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Fire
you bruise me
and i take the pain with joy,
pressing on my skin to feel the soreness
feel you again

in the hollow of my collarbone
the crook of your arm rests;
i feel your weight even when you are away

where you gripped me, fingers tightening,
you leave your love as purple and red islands
in the sea of my body

little shards of pleasure become pain
that i savor with the remnants of the taste of your skin,
the taste of your limb

my neck, my back, my arms, my lips
give way to our desire
you're setting me on fire

volcano's erupting in my soul -
Vesuvius got nothing on me
villages are burning

the top blows off
i'm sure there's no time left
it's too late to give warning

lying here besides you, buried in ashes
thousands of years will go by before they find us
here in the darkness

they'll put our bodies on display,
just as an emblem - just to say:
even pleasure ends in pain

with one breath left, there's nothing i can say
the world for us is ending
bruises remain
Track Name: Flood
currents well from the deepest ocean
water warms below the ice
and i, too, find i am melting in the night

waking up in a pool each morning
rivers running from my eyes,
i think it's time you run for your life
'cause my love is dangerous
my love is dangerous

oh my glacier, you're so cruel
could you maybe melt a little too?
oh my heart, i know that i'm a fool
i just can't help the way i feel for you
the way i feel for you,
oh i'd drown the world for you

when the water fills every hole
and the mountains are swallowed,
then you'll know my love

how long do you think we can hold?
at the end of the world, you and i will stand alone
all the others drown
a love to end the world, is ours